Pixage 4


In Business Solutions Department, I had worked in Pixage team for developing cross platform digital signage solution application with using C++ programming language and using Qt Framework. Application is basis on RTC Server (Real Time Communication Server) and APIs (Application Program Interface) using C++ WebSocket communication. On the other hand, project is based on “Monolithic Architecture” and I have had made improvements based on SOLID principles for that architecture design. Also, project is converted to modern C++ standards (C++11, C++14 ve C++17) by myself.



Assembly Management – Ford Factory (Golcuk) Project
IOTP360 Assembly Management – Ethiopia DEFY Project


I contributed to gathering the data of the “Production / Assembly” operations in the “Production / Assembly stations” of the factories and form a big data structure. I developed software which is providing structured screens to understand the generated big data and provide specific reports to the end-user. This software is used by different companies of Koç Holding.


One of the other objectives of the project is to increase the quality of the “Production / Assembly” line, inform the operators of any failure situation with HMIs, and prevent stopping the line stops.


This project is based on a “Monolithic Architecture” structure and developed by using approaches such as .NET Core technology, MVC design template, and Entity Framework Code First: Web Application, Desktop Application, HMI Application, and Web API application.